Co-op Advertising


Advertising takes on many forms and no one way is the “best” for every company. That is why we designed our co-op advertising program to be flexible and we leave the choices up to you! Simply include our Logo in your print, billboard, internet, or radio advertising and it will qualify for a Co-op reimbursement.


All qualifying general agents are reimbursed up to 50% of their qualifying advertising expenses up to their allotted amount. The agent is responsible for 50% of the total invoice. For example, if your agency qualifies for $420 in co-op funds, you can spend $840 in advertising and American Mutual will reimburse you $420.


During the first year with American Mutual, an agent receives $250 in co-op money to use for advertising. In subsequent years, your co-op allotment is based on your general agency’s actual direct premium with American Mutual from the previous year multiplied by .0028 (see example below).

Agents must write at least $40,000 in premium with American Mutual to qualify for the program and if the agency’s paid premium declines two consecutive years, no co-op will be allotted. You will be notified of your actual co-op amount each February and can contact American Mutual anytime to see what your balance is.

Example: If your paid premiums increased last year with American Mutual and you have $150,000 in premium you will receive $150,000 x .0028 = $420 in advertising co-op funds.


Send a copy of the advertisement with an invoice to fax: 563-847-2001 or email with Co-op Advertising in the Subject line. Use of multiple companies is acceptable, however the submitted amount will be prorated.

Example: If there is more than our just our logo featured in the ad we will reduce the reimbursement by taking 50% divided by the total number of logos in the ad including American Mutual’s. So if you place an ad with both the American Mutual Logo and Nationwide Logo your reimbursement will be 25% (50% divided by 2).

Please note if you place an ad with both American Mutual and Grinnell Mutual and there are no other company logos in the ad we will not pro-rate your reimbursement. Please check with Grinnell how they would prorate this ad but you may submit a request to both companies for reimbursement.


All print ads (newspaper, Yellow Pages, programs, etc.) must include the current American Mutual Logo. Simply typing out our name does not qualify. Radio ads must reference American Mutual Insurance Association. Unless you are using one of Grinnell’s ads where you are just adding our logo, we ask that you obtain approval for your ad before placing. You can e-mail a copy of the ad to: Only the following logos are acceptable for use in co-op advertising. They may be downloaded and saved from our agent area on the American Mutual website at


Our co-op advertising program is run on a calendar-year basis. You will receive a new annual allotment each February only if you qualify. If you do not use your entire allotment by year-end, you relinquish all remaining funds.

All requests for reimbursement must be received at American Mutual no later than Dec. 20 to be processed by year-end. Submissions received after that date will be taken out of next year’s allotment.